3 Body Problem series gets green light for second season


Adapted from the award-winning science fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem” by Chinese author Liu Cixin, the Netflix series “3 Body Problem” premiered on March 21. Produced with a significant budget, the series garnered considerable attention from viewers. Although it did not make a sensational debut, it continued to attract an audience in the following weeks, achieving a noteworthy viewership. This success increased the likelihood of a second season.

Indeed, Netflix officially announced today in a short video that the series has been renewed for a second season. However, no release date for the new season has been disclosed yet.

The creators of the series, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, famous for “Game of Thrones,” are collaborating with Alexandre Woo to produce the second season.

“3 Body Problem” narrates a complex story that spans many years and various geographies. The first season focused on how a decision made by a young woman living in China in the 1960s impacts the fate of the entire world today. In the second season, humanity, having learned that Earth will be invaded by an alien race within a few centuries, will struggle to prepare for and possibly prevent this invasion.

With its universal and intertemporal narrative, the series has managed to captivate a broad audience by offering elements of both science fiction and drama. The second season is expected to be met with the same level of interest.