A comparison of ‘Her’ movie and GPT-4o: Exploring AI and human relationships


Spike Jonze’s 2013 film “Her” vividly explores the role and impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in human life. The film’s main character, Theodore, develops an emotional relationship with an AI operating system named Samantha. This scenario offers an intriguing perspective when compared to today’s advanced AI models, particularly OpenAI’s GPT-4o. Comparing “Her” with GPT-4o helps us understand both the current state of AI technology and what the future may hold.

AI Relationships: Samantha and GPT-4o

In the film “Her,” Samantha is portrayed as a highly advanced AI. She is not just an assistant but can also respond to emotional needs, continuously learn, and exhibit complex emotional responses. GPT-4o, on the other hand, is an advanced language processing model capable of understanding and generating text. However, GPT-4o lacks emotional intelligence and is not designed to form emotional bonds with users.

Emotional Intelligence and Understanding

Samantha can understand Theodore’s emotional world and respond appropriately, forming a deep emotional bond. This makes her an AI capable of human-like emotional connections. GPT-4o excels in textual communication, providing meaningful responses based on text analysis, but these responses lack emotional depth.

Learning and Development Capacity

Samantha continuously learns and evolves through her interactions with users. GPT-4o is also trained on vast datasets and can learn from user interactions, but its learning process is more structured and limited, based on predefined algorithms. GPT-4o’s learning capacity is more constrained compared to Samantha’s.

Ethical and Privacy Concerns

The presence of AIs like Samantha in “Her” raises significant ethical and privacy questions. AI that deeply penetrates human emotional life can lead to privacy violations and ethical dilemmas. GPT-4o, however, is developed with strict attention to data security and ethical use principles. OpenAI prioritizes user data security and privacy and enforces strict ethical usage policies.

Future Expectations

The AIs depicted in “Her” can be seen as a step beyond our current technology. However, models like GPT-4o lay the groundwork for this vision. In the future, AI with enhanced emotional intelligence and human-like interaction capabilities may become a reality. However, these developments must be carefully considered in terms of ethics and privacy.


This comparison between “Her” and GPT-4o highlights the advancements in AI technology and potential future developments. Samantha’s emotional intelligence and human relationship capabilities contrast with GPT-4o’s proficiency in text processing and understanding, showcasing the strengths of both approaches. In the future, combining these two approaches could lead to more human-like AIs.