Apple may have signed a deal with Samsung for foldable device screens


According to industry sources cited by Digitimes, Apple may have signed a deal with Samsung for the supply of screens for its future foldable devices.

Samsung has long dominated the market for OLED screens in smartphones. The company, which is also the largest screen supplier for iPhones, is reportedly set to provide screens for foldable iPhones and iPads as well.

Speculation about Apple’s foldable devices has been circulating for some time. While it remains uncertain which product line they will focus on and when they will be released, the latest information suggests that the first foldable device could be an iPad-like gadget. A foldable hybrid iPad is rumored to be expected by the end of 2025, with an iPhone Fold potentially following in 2026. Regardless, exciting developments regarding Apple’s foldable devices are anticipated in the near future.