Apple releases iOS 17.5 update: Here are the new features for iPhones


After weeks of beta testing with developers and eager users, Apple has finally rolled out the iOS 17.5 update. iOS 17.5 is likely to be the last significant update containing notable improvements before Apple releases the developer beta for iOS 18 next month. Subsequent iOS 17.x updates will likely focus on bug fixes and optimizations. So, what are the new features coming to iPhones with iOS 17.5?

What Does the iOS 17.5 Update Bring?

  • Downloading apps from websites (limited to the EU)
  • Repair status feature
  • Tracking notifications in the Find My app
  • New Pride wallpaper for the lock screen
  • Word game for Apple News+ subscribers
  • Security vulnerabilities patched

The iOS 17.5 update brings a range of features, bug fixes, and security updates to iPhones, along with the eye-catching new Pride light-up wallpaper for the lock screen. Additionally, it introduces two important features for users in Turkey:

  • Tracking Notifications: The cross-platform tracking detection feature sends users a notification if a compatible Bluetooth tracking device paired with their iPhone goes missing. This feature is a significant step towards ensuring security for users, regardless of the operating system of their device.
  • Repair Status Feature: This feature, added to the Find My app, eliminates the need to disable the Find My feature on iPhones before sending them for repair. This means users no longer have to turn off the Find My feature when sending their devices for repair.

As always, Apple is taking important steps to enhance user experience and increase security. The iOS 17.5 update brings anticipated improvements for iPhone users, making it a comprehensive update packed with new features and enhancements.