Google introduces a new feature: Location can now be found even when the phone is off


Users of Pixel 8 report receiving a notification explaining how the feature works after setting up the Find My Device network. The notification indicates that the location can be tracked for a few hours after the phone’s battery dies or it is optionally turned off. This feature proves to be quite useful when the phone is stolen or temporarily misplaced.

To ensure that this feature is enabled, users need to make sure that the “Use network only in areas with heavy traffic” or “Use network in all areas” option is selected in the Find My Device settings. The former is selected by default. Google suggests that the second option may help users locate their lost device more quickly. This feature, which targets areas with less traffic, works even if your device is the only one detecting and sharing its location.

Google has not shared which version is required for this feature, stating only that it started rolling out as of April. However, for this feature to work, Bluetooth and location must be enabled before the phone is turned off. It is noted that this feature is made possible through special hardware that Google is trying to offer to other OEMs and chip manufacturers.