Mercedes and Schumacher: What are the chances of filling Hamilton’s seat?


Significant developments are unfolding regarding the future of the Mercedes F1 team. Team principal Toto Wolff has reportedly discussed plans for the second seat, set to be vacated by Lewis Hamilton, with Mick Schumacher. Hamilton is set to part ways with Mercedes at the end of the season, but his replacement has yet to be announced. Mercedes is exploring various options for this crucial position.

Mick Schumacher has been serving as Mercedes’ reserve driver after spending two seasons racing for Haas. He is also competing in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) for Alpine this year. The 25-year-old Schumacher openly desires a full-time F1 seat. However, it seems unlikely that he will return to the grid with Mercedes in the near future. According to Bild, Wolff informed Schumacher during a meeting that he is not considering him for Hamilton’s vacant seat next season.

Recently, Schumacher participated in tests with Mercedes at Silverstone. There have been rumors that he could be a main driver for Mercedes in 2025. However, sources indicate that these tests were not for evaluating Schumacher for a racing seat but rather for testing specific settings in the car.

Wolff’s Major Target: Max Verstappen

Mercedes’ primary target appears to be Dutch driver Max Verstappen. Wolff is reportedly determined to lure Verstappen away from Red Bull. Although Verstappen is contracted with Red Bull until 2028, it is known that Mercedes has made offers to him. Wolff previously stated, “I would love to have Verstappen, but we need to fix our car first. I believe we owe it to our drivers George Russell and Lewis to provide them with the best equipment before dreaming of the future.”

Young Talents: Kimi Antonelli and Oliver Bearman

Mercedes’ pool of young talent is also bustling with activity. Kimi Antonelli, who swiftly moved to Formula 2 after winning the FRECA Championship last year, is a strong candidate to replace Hamilton. The young Italian has already participated in a private test for Mercedes and is expected to take part in more tests before the year ends. If Antonelli joins Mercedes in 2025, he would become the third youngest driver in the sport’s history, following Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen.

Ferrari academy star Oliver Bearman is also showing impressive performance. Having secured third place while substituting for Carlos Sainz in the Saudi Arabian GP, Bearman could play a significant role in F1’s future.

Mercedes is meticulously working to find the right successor for Hamilton’s seat. While it has been confirmed that Schumacher will not take on this role, Wolff’s efforts to recruit Verstappen and the potential of young talent Antonelli offer promising prospects for Mercedes’ future.