The U.S. plans to quadruple taxes on Chinese cars!


The U.S. may quadruple import tariffs on various product categories, including electric vehicles imported from China. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden administration is preparing to raise tariffs on solar panels, batteries, medical products, and other goods.

In addition to expanding the scope of current tariffs, the plan includes raising the tariff rate on Chinese electric vehicles from 25% to 100%. The current 25% tariff rate has not been a significant obstacle for Chinese manufacturers, given the competitive advantage of Chinese cars. The U.S. aims to prevent Chinese manufacturers from gaining more market share through these tax increases. Although no official announcement has been made yet, an announcement regarding the new tariffs is expected on Tuesday.

China’s rapidly growing production of electric vehicles is putting pressure on U.S. and European car manufacturers. Manufacturers struggling to compete on price are requesting additional taxes from the government. Country officials are also taking measures to protect their manufacturers and automotive industries.

While Chinese cars are not yet widespread in the U.S. market, sales figures are increasing steadily in Europe. However, experts anticipate that Chinese automobiles will become more prevalent in the U.S. market eventually.