UN declares May 25 as World Football Day


The United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted a resolution announcing that May 25 will now be celebrated as “World Football Day”.

At the UN General Assembly session, it was emphasized that football should be celebrated with a special day like other sports branches, taking into account its contributions to world peace and development.

A resolution sponsored by more than 160 countries, including Turkey, proposing that May 25 be recognized as “World Football Day” was unanimously adopted.

The determination of this special day was influenced by the fact that the 100th anniversary of the first international tournament of football coincides with May 25, 2024. This tournament was organized during the 1924 Summer Olympic Games in Paris.

The UN resolution letter emphasized that sport plays an important role in sustainable development and contributes to the promotion of peace, tolerance and gender equality.

The letter noted that football’s international governing bodies, such as FIFA, as well as associations of regional and national football federations, play an important role in promoting football.

The resolution letter invited all nations, UN bodies, international organizations, civil society organizations and the private sector to celebrate World Football Day on 25 May in line with national priorities and to spread the benefits of football for all.